Book2 In the Pain Series - Poppy's Revenge

Book2 In the Pain Series - Poppy's Revenge

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This book is for Adults only. Contains sensative material. 


Poppy is the twin sister to Primrose. The sister she’s despised all her life. The man she thought she loved, who only ever loved Primrose, left her for dead. Buried alive. It was only luck she managed to get free from the grave. Finding herself lost, homeless and alone in downtown LA, with nothing to her name, she finds Igor. Igor is her saviour, he helps her to plot her revenge on Blaine. He knows a thing or two about torture, he’s the most dangerous man Poppy has ever known.

Will Poppy get her revenge.

Blaine, can’t believe he failed in killing Poppy, now she’s back for revenge, but not just on him. She leaves Primrose fighting for her life as he watches Poppy attack her. He wants her dead once and for all. He wants a normal life with Primrose. A life he never dreamt he could have, but Poppy needs to die, permanently. He needs his revenge.

Who gets revenge on who, when does it stop?


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