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Adults only

This is a Dark, Romantic Thirller. Not for the faint hearted. 


Katherine is at the top of her game in the man’s world of property developing, but her love life has been one disaster after another. Internet dating can work for most people, but Katherine isn’t most people, and online dating has not gone well for her so far.
Will George be the one that does go right?

George is a loner who hates women who look like his mother. Katherine is her double. He needs her.

Lewis is the UK’s top male model. He was hurt in a relationship years ago and has played the field ever since. He wants to settle down but doesn’t think it will happen—that is until he has an appointment with Katherine. He knows the minute he lays eyes on her that he wants her. She is it for him, with her beauty and gorgeous curves.

Who will get the girl?







    I will ship to almost anywhere in the world but I will have to send you a seperate bill for this as I will not know the costing until I know exactly where you are in the world and how many books you want.