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Chef is my latest releae and it a romantic thriller with trigger points.


Caspian is at the top of the food chain — literally, in his world. Women want him, and he plays the field, but he has never known love, having been abandoned by his parents as a child. He’s always believed he was never wanted until he finds out the disturbing truth.

He’s arrogant and cocky — it’s his coping mechanism. He’s the youngest Michelin Star chef in the world, with one of the top restaurants in New York City —the proverbial celebrity chef, never wanting to settle because his love is his restaurant, Casper’s. That is until Macen walks into his life.


Macen is a quiet and shy person. Having gone through the worse trauma you could go through at a young age, she fought back to get her scholarship from the world-famous New York Culinary School. She passed top of her year, and her lifelong dream was to become a top chef. The chance finally arrives with a perfect opportunity at Casper’s. Who would have thought this could cause her life to take a turn for the worse?

Fighting her desire for Caspian and determined to fight for the career she deserves, can Macen overcome even more obstacles that life seems determined to throw her way?




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