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Born To Run

Book 5 in The Pain Series

Born To Run - Book 5 Cover.png

New Addition

Sabina, the daughter of Igor Ustrashkins, one of the most fearsome Bratva bosses in the US, has decided to defy all odds and move from LA to New York on her own at the age of sixteen. She changes her surname so there are no connections to her father, and she attends the prestigious New York Dance Academy, where she excels.

She meets and falls for the much younger Blade. They are young and in love, until something happens to them both, and Blade struggles with the fact that he couldn’t protect his Bina.

Things worsen for the two of them. Blade, with his guilt, struggles and ruins their relationship, attacking the love of his life.

Sabina becomes a huge superstar singer and is about to get married until Blade makes another appearance in her life, trying to win her back. Will his Bina fall for him again even after everything that happened between them?

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