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Sunday 10th February

Macmillan Write-A-Thon

I’m taking part in this year’s Write-A-Thon! But there is a twist.

On the run up to Saturday 10th February, I’ll be sharing facts about myself and my fellow participating authors.


Most of us will be telling the truth, but some of us will be lying.

I’m 100% a faithful. Or am I? You decide!

And guess what? I have no idea who the traitors are, so I’ll be playing along too!

Click HERE to donate. Name who you think is a traitor when donating and you could win £100 Amazon Giftcard!

For me it’s an honour to be able to contribute to a worthy fundraiser like Macmillan. I know they help so many families who are going through cancer. It’s personal for me because not only did I have cancer 15 years ago now, my mum and father in law both had cancer and pulled through, but so did my sister in law who miraculously pulled through.

I can’t do marathons or mud runs or anything physical like that, for me sitting and writing non stop for 12 solid hours is my way to help and show support. Believe me, it’s harder than you might think. Luckily all the authors who participate have so much support for each other keep checking in on the hour over zoom. We need that, one for accountability and two just to have that 2-minute respite and clear the fog in the brain. We not only have to have something to write, and you dread writers block setting in, but by the end of the 12 hours, your arms are aching from all the typing, your neck and back think you’ve run a marathon and don’t get me started on my numb bum.


I’ve done two of these write-a-thons now and loved being part of them. Crazily enough we nearly all sign up immediately for the next one. In these hard times with the living crisis, this year we still managed to reach our goal of £2500 which was absolutely amazing. It also means that over the 4 years that the very lovely Author D J Cook – Danny,  has arranged these write-a-thons we have raised £7500 plus with some book auctions thrown in it’s taken the total to way over £10,000. WOW.

Write A Thon 2024.jpg
Write A Thon 2024.jpg

To say I am proud to be able to participate is an understatement and we can’t thank everyone who donates and supports us enough. This money raised will help so many people living with cancer and their families.

Thank you. Xx

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