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My New Book
Book 4 In The Pain Series

You Broke Me First

Release Date December 20th 2021

I am extremely proud and honoured to share my latest page turner with you. 

This is a Dark Psychological Thriller 
Adults only 18+, contains sensitive material. 

Vidana was rescued from years of being tortured, drugged, and sex trafficked. Only having one sister with her after she was rescued, the not so trustworthy, Svetlana, she was soon abandoned, no surprises there. She had no one, she was all alone, the inevitable happened, and she relapsed. Poppy rescued her yet again, she was more of a sister than Svetlana could ever be. Vidana never thought she would or could fall for anyone after the hell she had been through, and she kept Ryker at arm’s length, only as a friend. Ryker, who had once been in love with her sister.

              While working in a coffee shop one day, her life turned upside down on hearing that one voice. It was him, her savior, or was he?

              Steve walked into her life and he knew immediately he had to have her. With her spunky attitude, spiky pink hair, and grungy look, he loved everything about her. He was Igor’s man at arms, but he had other businesses no one knew about, or so he thought. Would he be able to have Pink by his side and run his business? It’s what he wanted, and he usually got whatever he wanted, but she had other ideas.

Available in Kindle Unlimited and on Amazon store.

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About Lynda

Storyteller at Heart

I’ve always been passionate about storytelling and impressed by the influence it has on people and the decisions they make in life. I love engaging with the projects I work on, diving headfirst into the research, investigation, and production of stories I feel are worth writing about. 

I was raised in Manchester in the UK and started reading Stephen King and James Herbert as a young teenager. I moved onto Jackie Collins as I got a little older and I have always read. 

I now live in Warrington in Cheshire in the UK. I live with my husband and my cat Bailey. I have two daughters and one grandaughter with grandaughter number two arriving in the next week or two.

I have a Harley Davidson, a season ticket to Manchester City and love going to the cinema.  I do all this as well as run a Payroll Bureau along with my writing. 

What’s New for me
I released
book 2 - Poppy's Revenge and
book 3 - His Rightful Queen
in The Pain Series earlier this year. 
I am please to say Book 4 - You Broke me First is out now.
I have book 5 - Born to Run in the works currently along with a couple of Anthology stories. 
I also wrote a short story for an Anthology released earlier this year. Light in the Dark - A Dandelion Anthology with some amazing authors. 

All Signings have been canceled because of Covid but we are getting there with vaccinations so who knows. Most are re-scheduled for 2022 and some in 2023.

Upcoming Signings

Signings 2021,2022 & 2023


USA - Shameless Book Con Orlando

November 12th 2021


UK - Tattooed Bad Boys York is re-schedule for 

April 23rd 2022 

UK - British Book Bash Birmingham is re-scheduled for

July 2nd 2022

UK - Books on the Beach Blackpool is re-scheduled for

August 20th 2022

UK - Romance in the North Hull is re-scheduled for

October 8th 2022

USA - Shameless Book Con - Orlando

November 6th



UK - Indie Love Cardiff is re-scheduled for 

May 6th 2023

USA - September 9th - Getting Witchy in Salem - Salem 

USA - October 23rd - All Shook up in Graceland  Memphis

UK - Creativity in Birmingham is re-scheduled for

November 25th 2023

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