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A Christmas Wish

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Merrigan is royalty, due to marry Prince Carsten of Petura on Christmas Eve. It’s a marriage of convenience, and one Merrigan doesn’t want, so when she brings shame to her parents, the monarchy of Lyntona, through a leaked video, she decides she has to get away from it all. Everything goes wrong for her. Will she ever find her way back?

Deus is living on the streets of New York City. He’s served his country for several years as a highly ranked commander, but now he just want’s to be on his own with no commitments. He’s doing great until he saves a young lady from a brutal attack. He doesn’t want the responsibility of looking after her. He can’t cope with that, but he can’t help but want to protect her. It’s his instinct to protect.

Who is she? Where is she from? They’re questions they both want answers to.

A Christmas Wish - Paperback
Christmas Ornaments

I didn’t know how Lynda was going to be able to top her other two brilliant books, but she did it!!!!!! This book was so emotional and definitely not your ‘average’ read but you WONT be disappointed in this book.... this is another book that will have you gripping the chair until the end.


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