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His Rightful Queen

Book 3 in The Pain Series

Book 3 - Chapter 1.png
Book 3 - Hardcover

Can I tempt you?

Growing up, the eldest of six girls in a run-down tiny house in an old unused mining town in Russia, Svetlana dreamed of falling in love just like in the books she read. Her dream became a reality after coming across Igor one evening. Her life was turned upside down. She went from having nothing to having everything.  Everything except him.

She was young and naïve, but she tried her hardest to have him. She was in love with a very dangerous man, a man who she had fooled on more than one occasion.

Igor fell in love. But not with her, he married Poppy. Svetlana hated her, but it didn’t stop her from trying to get her love. He was the love of her life, after all. Svetlana believed she was his rightful queen, that it should be her standing by his side, ruling the underworld with him.  Will she be standing in her shoes as His Rightful Queen?

Service Bell

Wow, this is book 3 in the pain series and I can’t express how bloody good it is…..this book has more sexiness in and and the hot Russian Igor 🥵( bagsy he’s mine 😜) is so drool 🤤 worthy, that bitch Lana needs to be dead already….book 4???🤞 will happen??


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