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Sitting on a Bench

Poppy's Revenge

Book 2 in The Pain Series

Book 2 - Hardcover

Not to be missed !

After being left for dead, buried alive, Poppy's alone with nowhere to go, no money, no ID, nothing. She's a fighter, she knows she will survive.


She's done terrible things to her twin sister, but now she needs to exact her revenge on Blaine once and for all, and that means Primrose gets hurt in the process. With the help from an unexpected source, she grows stronger by the day and puts action to her plan for revenge. Will she do it, will she get her revenge?


After watching Poppy strike her twin sister Prim from afar and leave her for dead, Blaine vows to get Poppy once and for all. He failed to kill her, he's failed Prim twice now, failed to protect her from her own sister, Poppy. He doesn't know what she's got in store for him, but she's out to get her revenge one way or another. He needs to watch his back and get her first.


Will it finally be over? If so, for who?

Poppy Flower

This book totally made me lose track of time. Well-written and well-developed characters and then there is her. Poppy, Primrose's sister... We met her in the first book, The pain we feel.  Fantastic read!!

Adina Grey

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