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The Best Day of My Life

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For Theon, what should have been the best day of his life turned into the worse day of his life.
Losing his college sweetheart, his wife, was hard.
Could he ever come back from this? Deep down, he knows he has to survive somehow, but the question is how?

Alana is a single mom of three — struggling to cope with her daughter’s illness. She isn’t looking for love and certainly not in the hospital where her sick daughter is.

You can’t help who, how, or when you fall for someone.

Taking comfort in each other through very trying times brings them closer together. But can they survive the turmoil about to happen?
Can there be love for Theon and Alana, when all they seem to have known is loss?

The Best Day of My Life - Hardcover
Father and Daughter

What an an amazing but tearful story, you will definitely need the tissues whilst reading this book!!! I can’t say more than it was perfect 👌


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