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Dry Woods

The Pain They Feel

Book 1 in The Pain Series

They Pain They Feel - Chapter 1.png
Book 1 - Hardcover

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Blaine has never stopped thinking about her. All those years ago when he saved her life, they had a connection. He didn’t know as a ten-year-old what that was, but those blue eyes of hers have helped him throughout his life, coming to mind during his darkest moments. He only hoped he would one day see her again.

He knew he wasn’t normal, whatever normal was. Though he didn't physically feel pain, he suffered years of abuse with his mama telling him he was a freak. This made him think about pain to the point of obsession.

Needing to understand the pain they feel.

Primrose has never stopped thinking about the boy with the greenest eyes and the messiest black hair. Her knight in shining armour, the boy who saved her life when she was young.

She'd suffered two major losses in her life before she was eight years old. Living with a sister who hated her and made her life hell, the only solace she found was when she was sketching and painting the boy with the greenest eyes.

She knew they had a connection but didn’t understand it. She hoped she would one day see him again.

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On the Road

This book was bloody🩸 (pun intended) brilliant!!!!!!! I have read all of Lynda’s books and this did not disappoint, we all fall for a bad guy and Blaine (Nick) is no different.....absolutely loved it and can’t wait for book 2


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